We Strive To Keep Our Clients Healthy And Save Them Money

With the current levels of obesity in the nation and the world over, it is only fair that we abandon the weight loss methods that have proven to be ineffective over time and adapt more productive, scientifically proven methods. A number of people keep struggling with obesity for many years because they have adapted methods that only strain them and do little to help them lose weight. Some techniques on the other hand even involve the ingestion of drugs worse side effects are even worse. Obesity has been proven to be costly both in terms of health and in economic terms. In addition to increasing the risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, foot ailments and high blood pressure, obesity also has a high economic cost estimated to be worth at least $1,500 per individual per annum.

As the leading institution of lap band surgery la┬áhas to offer, we strive to keep our clients healthy and save them money mostly spent on treating various ailments they suffer from as a result of being overweight. Considering the fact that about 3 out of every 10 Americans is obese, the economic and social cost of obesity isn’t something that should be taken lightly. At our facility, we have a team of competent and highly skilled doctors who have the experience to ensure that clients undergo lap band surgery with minimum risk and without any excessive intrusion.

Our status as the best clinic in lap band surgery within LA is further strengthened by the fact that we have en exemplary success rate with our procedures and on average, our clients are able to attain the recommended weights within 6 months to 12 months. It is also very important that a patient undergoes consultation with a surgeon in order for him/her to be briefed about the procedure and know what is expected of them and what to expect. Consultation also serves the purpose of getting to determine whether or not the patient is a suitable candidate for the intended procedure.

A person who is an alcoholic or a smoker is not a suitable candidate. In addition, anybody with infection in the lugs, liver or pancreas cannot have the procedure because it exposes them to high risk. For women who are pregnant, it is worth noting that they can continue having the lap band but it has to be loosened during pregnancy. To learn more about our facility and our services, please go to http://www.lapbandsurgeryla.com/.